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Stambuk's - About Soaps ´╗┐

About Soaps

Stambuk's soaps are made from extra virgin olive oil. While most soap makers because of lower cost use refined or even pomace olive oil, we insist on using only cold pressed, virgin olive oil. Pomace olive oil is made using solvents while refining of oil involves chemicals, so only virgin olive oil can be considered 100% natural. Refining process also strips oil of vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients naturally present in olive oil. In addition, only virgin olive oil contains significant amounts of squalene and polyphenols which deeply nourish and protect the skin

Benefits of olive oil on the body have been known for a long time. It stimulates cell regeneration, slows down the progress of wrinkles and gives the skin a youthful radiance. It is considered the gentlest of all soaps, so it can be even used by people with very sensitive and/or dry skin.

Important characteristic of olive oil soap is that it will not strip skin┬┤s the natural protective layer, as is the case with most soaps. Olive oil soap makes gentle, creamy lather that reminds of rich body lotion.

Because palm oil is inexpensive, most soap makers (big and small) use it as one of its main ingredients. The fact that is easy to work with and contributes to hardness of the soap also helps. Unfortunately, unsustainable palm oil production is absolutely devastating on the environment and eco system, so more and more companies and consumers is switching to palm oil free products. We are palm oil free, so your conscience can be clear when you use our products. More info on palm oil controversy can be found on internet, for example:




Stambuk's soaps are also rich in natural glycerin, which forms naturally from the oil during the process of saponification. As a humectant, glycerin attracts moisture from the air to the skin making it soft and moisturized.

Thanks to a special production process that keeps the oils at low temperatures, all the vitamins and antioxidants are preserved. Before packaging soaps age for at least six weeks in special dryers where the saponification process is fully completed, the excess water evaporates and the soap hardens and becomes milder. This process is slower and more demanding, but it makes Stambuk┬┤s soaps better and longer lasting.

Our soaps can last very long if you use soap dish and allow them to dry out between uses. Please, do not keep them in or near moisture or they will absorb it and become soft.